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Upcoming Thursday Nights
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Posted by: gronk50, on 7/22/2008, in category "Outlaw News"
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Location: Thailand
Abstract: C'mon up and join us on Thursday's for extended hours to get you in the right frame of mind for your weekend.

7/24/08 - Lets get together and fire up the grill, cook up a few summer favorites, and get ready for the Rocky party this weekend !

7/31/08 - We have birthday's coming up next week, let's do a Pipe Night tonight.

8/07/08 - Kendall and Mike S. are both a step closer to the nursing home. Stop by and wish them both a Happy Birthday while they can still hear you. We will repeat Pipe Night for those who didn't catch the change.

8/14/08 - Big John V. is flirtin' is with another decade himself ! Stop in and join us as we party for a second week in a row on August birthdays!! This is gonna be Brew NIght  too,,We have R.J. coming in from Granite City to give us all some pointers on brewing and a few samples of the latest from Granite City. Bring your questions (and thirst) up this Thursday.

8/21/08 - Bike Night !! I know we are up against some big ones on Thursday, but not everybody wants to run to Kearney, so lets bring the grill back and cookout again. Bring some of your favorites jump on your scoot and get you tail up to the Outlaw tonight!

8/28/08 - How about a Movie Night tonight ? NOT!! Final Chiefs pre-season game Chiefs vs. Rams at 6:00 tonight !

9/04/08 - PIPE NIGHT/NFL REGULAR SEASON KICKOFF. Bring your pipe, join us for the NFL season kickoff  Giants vs. Redskins tonight. 10% discount on all tins of pipe tobacco.

9/11/08 - Lets get the grill out one more time to close out summer. While we are at it lets include a BLIND CIGAR TASTING , two cigars for $10.

9/18/08 - It has been a lilttle since we have had a MOVIE NIGHT. Join us this Thursday for a new release DVD in the lounge.

9/25/08 -  Here's something different for a Thursday,  MACANUDO 1968 LAUNCH PARTY. Come on by and get a taste of the newest, full-flavored  Macanudo from 4pm to 9pm.

10/02/08 -speciula Its time for PIPE NIGHT at the Outlaw and SON OF NUB, THE SEQUEL We will be hooking up the big screen to the online drawing for the NUB MINI-COOPER. Come on up and join us for more NUB cigars and swag as we wait to see who won a car.

10/09/08 - Lets go for another GRUB NIGHT While we can still get the grill out. Bring up something to cookout this Thursday.

10/16/08 - Time for another BLIND CIGAR TASTING. Bring yourself up for a Blind Tasting, two cigars for $10.

10/23/08 - MOVIE NIGHT  Get up.  here for a new release DVD on the big screen.

10/30/08 - CIGAR TRICK OR TREAT ! Buy a cigar or two and we will throw them all together in treat bag. Everyone will get a chance draw blind from the bag equal to the number of cigars you kick in.This will also be A GRUB NIGHT SO BE SURE TO BRING IN SOME FAVORITES TO GET ON THE GRILL.

11/06/08 -  BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Bill is up for a party on his birthday, so get on up here tonight. PIPE NIGHT PIPE NIGHT specials also include a 10% discount on any tin of pipe tobacco and a free ounce of bulk tobacco (your choice) with the purchase of any new pipe.THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL  BRONCOS vs. BROWNS.


11/20/08 - THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL BENGALS vs. STEELERS. We are also gonna have BRING YOUR FAVORITE WINE TASTING. Bring up a bttle of your favorite wine to share.

11/27/08 - THANKSGIVING DAY .Enjoy the holiday with family, we will be open regular hours on Friday the 28th.

12/04/08 - GRUB NIGHT and PIPE NIGHT are together again this month. Let's get a couple of pots of chili and all the fixins together tonight ! THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL RAIDERS vs. CHARGERS .  CAO party is just two days away!


12/18/08 - last regular season THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL COLTS vs. JAGUARS . Bring in a favorite wine to share, let's make it a WINE NIGHT. Someone had said it was Jake's birthday coming up, so it will be a BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR JAKE.

12/25/08 - CHRISTMAS DAY

01/01/09 - INVITATIONAL POKER TOURNAMENT 2:00 !! PIPE NIGHT next week. Open until 8:00 tonight.

01/08/09 - PIPE NIGHT   Bring your favorite pipe and join us in trying some new blends. 10% discount on any tins, buy a new pipe get a free ounce of bulk your choice. BCS Championship Game in the lounge.

01/15/09 - Let's have another WINE TASTING . Bring one of your favorites to share in the lounge with friends tonight.

01/22/09 - Time for a GRUB NIGHT. It's time to share a little grub and get in the right frame of mind for a party this weekend.

01/29/09 -  How about a BLIND CIGAR TASTING tonight ? Two cigars for $10 and a movies to boot.

02/05/09 - PIPE NIGHT. 10% off any tin , buy a new pipe get an ounce of bulk for free.

02/12/09 - BLIND CIGAR TASTING. Two cigars $10 and a movie to boot.

02/19/09 - GRUB NIGHT and BRING A NEW BREW TASTING. Bring two bottles of  brews that you have not tried yet and let's do a tasting.

02/26/09 - It's time for a MOVIE NIGHT. Get yourself up here and catch a new DVD release on the big screen and enjoy a smoke in the lounge.

03/05/09 - PIPE NIGHT. Grab your favorite pipe and grab an old favorite or something new from Kevin's stash of pipe tobacco. 10% off tins, free ounce of bulk with pipe purchase.

03/12/09 -  BIRTHDAY NIGHT !!  Yes, Longpause and all the other outlaws with March birthday's have a Thursday all their own. Join us for poker, food, and crude comments at their expense. BLIND CIGAR TASTING. Try two cigars for $10 and spend some time hanging out in the lounge.

03/19/09 - Time is here for another GRUB NIGHT. What might hit the grill tonight ? It will be up to you to help decide,  join us this Thursday.

03/26/09 - Looks like we are due for a MOVIE NIGHT in the lounge. I had heard that Outlaw D will be havin' a birthday on this date, so join us for a smoke.

04/02/09 - First Thursday's are PIPE NIGHT at The Outlaw. Get 10% off tins, free ounce of bulk with a new pipe purchase.

04/09/09 - Let's do a BLIND CIGAR TASTING. Different format, buy three cigars for the price of two. You need to try all three cigars and fill out an evaluation form. Then it will be up to you to finish whichever you prefer or all three.

04/16/09 - We are going for another BLIND TASTING tonight. Two cigar for $10.

04/23/09 - Time for a GRUB NIGHT. Get on up here for some grub off the grill. Get yourself a steak or burger, whatever you want to bring.

04/30/09 - Seem to be overdue for MOVIE NIGHT. Get in here and join us for a newer DVD release in the lounge.

05/07/09 - Get yourself in a party mode this Thursday is a BIRTHDAY PARTY!! So sharpen up your insults and your poker game for tonight as we help Tony celebrate.

05/14/09 - GRUB NIGHT ! It just so happens there is another birthday tonight, wish Bobby a good one if you see him.

05/21/09 - I think its time we try another BLIND CIGAR TASTING. C'mon in and try two for $10 .

05/28/09 - MOVIE NIGHT Grab you favorite smoke and head for the lounge for a new DVD release.



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