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Outlaw May 2017 Newsletter Featured: Armed Forces Day, FISH Speaker Tom Holden, Xikar XO Cutter, Padron Anniversary 1926 No. 48 TAA
Outlaw April 2017 Newsletter Featured: Ashton
Outlaw March 2017 Newsletter Featured: Dunbarton T&T
Outlaw February 2017 Newsletter Featured: Foundation Cigar
Outlaw January 2017 Newsletter Featured: Tabacalera Palma
Outlaw December 2016 Newsletter Featured: Gunslinger Cigar
Outlaw November 2016 Newsletter Featured: Drew Estate
Outlaw October 2016 Newsletter Featured: Carrillo
Outlaw September 2016 Newsletter Featured: Carrillo
Outlaw August 2016 Newsletter Featured: Camacho
Outlaw July 2016 Newsletter Featured: Rocky Patel
Outlaw June 2016 Newsletter
Featured: Alec Bradley
Outlaw Armed Forces Day
Outlaw May 2016 Newsletter Featured: Padron
Outlaw April 2016 Newsletter Featured: Crowned Heads
Outlaw March 2016 Newsletter Featured: Foundation Cigar
Outlaw February 2016 Newsletter Featured: Roma Craft
Outlaw January 2016 Newsletter Featured: Leaf by Oscar
Outlaw December 2015 Newsletter Featured:Oliva Party
Outlaw November 2015 Newsletter Featured:Drew Estate Party
Outlaw October 2015 Newsletter Featured:Casa Fernandez Party
Outlaw September 2015 Newsletter Featured:Camacho Barrel Aged Tour
Outlaw August 2015 Newsletter Featured:Rocky Patel Party
Outlaw July 2015 Newsletter Featured:Nomad Party
Outlaw May 2015 Newsletter Featured: CASI Chili Cookoff, Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Outlaw April 2015 Newsletter Featured: Tatuaje