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WTF was named in honor of the story that created it!

This blend was created together with Arsenio Ramos, master blender for Casa Fernandez. He and I were having trouble with the language barrier while blending the Outlaws Forajido cigar. After numerous blends we stopped and decided to rest on the project.  Before returning to the U.S., Arsenio made me a few samples of our best blend to take home. After the cigars dried out, I smoked them and communicated the changes I wanted to make to the cigar. After two months, 500 cigars arrived with the supposed changes I requested. I lit the first cigar and said WTF!! I was very disappointed that it was the same blend I had previously smoked before the requested changes. I talked to Paul Palmer of Casa Fernandez to try to understand why I got the same blend. He was insistent that this is what Arsenio understood! I was striving for the Behike cigar that got rated #1 in cigar aficionado. I, however, never used the name Behike in speaking with Arsenio.  Through the translation problems this cigar was created. I put the 500 cigars out for sale to get rid of them and they sold in two days! The customers of the Outlaw demanded I keep this cigar as a blend. They loved it. So here it is…WTF!

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5 x 52 | $42.50-5 pack | $184.80-box of 24
6 x 52 | $47.50-5 pack | $206.40-box of 24
6 x 60 | $52.50-5 pack | $228.00-box of 24
7 x 50 | $51.25-5 pack | $222.60-box of 24


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