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The World's BIGGEST BADDEST Cigar Stores!

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The World's
Cigar Stores!

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Welcome to tHE oUTLAW...
the world’s biggest baddest cigar stores!


gunslinger cigars


The Outlaw has lots of cool stuff from lighters and cutters to T shirts and hats!

The World’s Baddest Cigar Store

Deep in the badlands of Kansas City, at the edge of the edge of the towns most lawless quarter, you’ll find an assemblage of the meanest, nastiest most colorful renegades , scofflaws and desperadoes that ever did walk the green earth. And while their tastes for vice are as motley as the tattoos on their hides, they’ll always be in agreement on just one thing: the world’s finest , most prime contraband come from only one place”

The Outlaw Cigar Company

Established by one of KC’s most notorious miscreants, The Outlaw caters to cigar fanatics of all walks of life. From the world’s premier puros to smokes only a mother would love, you’ll find a selection to indulge any palette. ..and bank roll. And with a bottomless stock of humidors, cutters, lighters, pipes, magazines and other swag, it won’t be long before your craving the outlaw style yourself.

For Deals and Specials text: outlaw to 545454


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The Biggest Baddest Cigar Store in the World!