Cigar Press Gunslinger Article

Cigar Press Magazine visited Kendall Culbertson this last Fall and put out a great 7 page article on Kendall and the making of Gunslinger Cigar! CP Volume VII Issue 1 not only covers this, but reviews two Gunslinger Cigars and includes an exclusive article on Gunslinger Cigars artist, Boris Vallejo. If you are a fan of The Outlaw, Gunslinger Cigars or the fantasy art of Boris Vallejo, this is a must read! Below are a couple of excerpts to wet your appetite. For the full read, grab a copy of Cigar Press Magazine or view… Read More

Rebels with a Cause!

Rebels with a Cause: The Culbertson Family Family-Owned Cigar Business Puts Family First Article Lisa Allen | Photography Christina Sandberg An outlaw is Defined as a person Who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group. One conversation with Kendall Culbertson and his wife, Leecil, is enough to understand how that word wound its way into the name of their hugely successful business, The Outlaw Cigar Company. Despite its cult status among cigar aficionados and its destination-vacation-esque appeal, the business thrives not only because of edgy marketing and stellar product,… Read More


From Cigarcyclopedia It’s almost impossible to believe, but a cigar store that pushed back hard against a local smoking ban was named “Business of the Year.” Strange but true, it’s happened to The Outlaw Cigar Company. It won the “Community Business of the Year” for Kansas City as part of the 18th annual Job Development Awards program of the Platte County Economic Development Council. Owner Kendall Culbertson has had a busy year, spending months working with the Kansas City Council to carve out an exemption for smokeshops after a voter-approved ban was adopted in April.… Read More

Attention Chiliheads! Cooks Wanted!

1st Annual Outlaw Chili Cookoff January 24! Think you make the most badass bowl of red in town ? It's time to put up or shut up as the Outlaw hosts the 1st Annual Outlaw Chili Cookoff. CASI (Chilii Appreciation Society International) will make this cookoff nationally sanctioned with points awarded towards the national championship. The Cookoff will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization founded to raise awareness of the needs of returning, injured soldiers. All CASI cooks are invited as is anyone else that thinks their chili is the best around. Entry fee… Read More

Purging Cigars

The bitter tastes that develop in both situations can be somewhat alleviated by purging you cigar as you smoke it. When you smoke your cigar  most of the essential oils that provide so much of the flavor will burn up while a small amount builds up in the filler leaf creating bitter flavors. To purge your cigar start by knocking off any ash, put the cigar in your mouth like you are going to puff and instead blow gently back through the cigar. If your cigar is still lit, continue to blow gently through the… Read More

Daily Cigar Log

This blog has been put to rest long enough,, time to get started back up, so without further delay new daily installments. 4/18/10 8:20am - Cabaiguan Petite a favorite quick smoke in the morning. 11:34am - Tatuaje Petite , see above reference to favorite quick smoke etc. Read More


8-9-8 - Cigars in a standard box with eight cigars on top, nine in the middle, and eight on the bottom. Accordion bunch - A bunching technique where the edges of the leaf are folded inward, then the folded leaves are stacked one on top of the other before rolling up the bunch and securing it with a binder leaf. The folds allow for more air flow through the cigar. Acidic - A ph of less than 7. Acidic tobacco will have a slightly sour taste, Cigarette tobacco is considered acidic. Active humidifier - A… Read More


After the filler leaves are selected and gathered into a bunch.                   The bunch is tightly covered with a binder leaf.               This basic filler is then placed in molds and the molds put into presses.The bunches are released from the presses and rotated in the molds to keep from forming seams on the bunch.           When finally released from the molds the roller applies a wrapper leaf.                 Starting… Read More