The cigar industry has a culture and vocabulary all its own. We will discuss the processes and terminology to help increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the leaf. Vitola -  A factory term referring to the size and shape of cigars.Below is a list of standard vitola sizes and ring gauge. Most sizes have a variance in length and ring gauge. NAMELENGTHRING GAUGE cigarillo 4"-6 7/8" 26-32 slim panatela 4"-7" 30-34 short panatela 3 7/8"-5 3/8" 35-39 panatela 5 1/2"-6 7/8" 35-39 long panatela 7"-7 1/2" 35-39 petite corona 4"-5 1/8" 40-44 corona 5 1/4"-5… Read More

Grand Oriental Blends

New blends created to feature classic oriental varieties not available for decades to pipe smokers. The new Grand Orientals from McClelland are made from the finest oriental varietal tobaccos from their native regional homes. Six new blends to try; Yenidje Supreme and Yenidje Highlander- Both made with Yenidje from Western Thrace just north of Xanthi. The unavailability of this tobacco brought an end to the Balkan Sobranie White blend. Known as 'The Queen of Tobaccos'.Supreme comes without Latakia, Highlander is an homage to Balkan Sobranie and contains both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia. Yenice Agonya- Turkish… Read More